We have been working with WordPress for years. 

We can help you with …

Custom Themes

We can work with your Designer to turn your ideas or PSD/Design Comp into a Theme that brings your brand to the world.  If you don’t have a Designer, we have contacts across the country that would love to work with you!

Child Themes

Child Themes future-proof your site.  You may have paid for a commercial theme but are afraid to customize it.  Child Themes allow changes to the design and functionality of your site without breaking the parent Theme.

Custom Plugins & Widgets

Although there are thousands of existing plugins available, perhaps you have a unique problem or specific data you want to display.  If so, we can help by writing a Custom Plugin or Widget from scratch to display YOUR data, YOUR way.


As WordPress is one of the most common CMS/Applications powering the web, it is constantly under attack.  We have the experience to secure your installation, protecting your site against hackers and malware.

Updates and Maintenance

Nothing lasts forever.  The WordPress codebase is frequently updated, as are most plugins – often for new features, sometimes for security.  We can keep your site up to date, making sure nothing breaks in the process.



If you’ve got an old-school site or a site built on a different platform, we can convert your site to WordPress.  We can maintain your existing design or applying a whole new look to your content.